Are you interested in dentistry?

At The Private Practice Experience, we hope that when participants leave the experience, they are able to make an informed career choice and answer the question, “Is dentistry right for me?” Through our extensive network of practicing dentists, field professionals, and current dental students, participants will experience the business and clinical aspects of pursuing & practicing dentistry.

For HS & College Students

Postponed due to COVID 19

Designed for college students,

Level 1 of The Private Practice Experience aims to answer the question "Do I want to pursue the field of dentistry?" Participants are guided through common dental procedures and hear from dental professionals and other students who have answered the above question.



For Dental Students

Coming soon...

Are you currently in dental school? Attend Level 2 of The Private Practice Experience to help you make an informed decision on choosing a residency program and a dental specialty. Perform advanced dental procedures and take what you have learned in the classroom and apply it in a state-of-the-art operatory. 

For Dental Residents

Coming soon...

Having completed dental school, attend Level 3 of The Private Practice Experience to learn the intricacies of private practice ownership. Experience the pros and cons of solo versus group ownership, learn about successful financial strategies, and become familiar with the necessary building blocks for any dental practice.

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